Successfully Raise Your Startup Funding

Successfully Raise Your Startup Funding

Our Houston-Based Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm Invests in Talented FOUNDERS and INTRODUCES them TO other Seasoned INVESTORS

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Reduce Risk

Raise Seed Money

Close Faster

Reduce Risk

Raise Seed Money

Grow Faster

Don't Let Your Startup FundrAisING Stall

Only 35% of seed-funded startups make it through a Series A round. SEED ROUND CAPITAL'S seasoned entrepreneurs can help you avoid the common pitfalls and provide you with proven funding methods specially formulated to expedite your early-stage fundraising success.

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Our Customized
fundraising Approach Provides:



Our proven process enables you to raise faster so you can focus on growing your business.



Someone in your corner to guide you through the fundraising process and provide clarity about direction and progress.


A Long-term

Our novel fundraising approach helps you build a network of investors that you can leverage for both your current and future funding rounds.

Startups We Fund And Guide Receive:


Best Practices

Learning Events


+ Physical and virtual office space at The Cannon for the founder. Founders work alongside peers and utilize The Cannon resources designed for entrepreneurs including events, notable speakers, HR and marketing support.

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We've Done This Successfully Before


Seed Round Capital was created by seasoned entrepreneurs. We invest and utilize a specially formulated process that has helped 1,000's of early-stage companies complete their funding.

We invest in and work with founders who are open to guidance and are at a stage where their company is primed and ready to scale. We prefer startups entering markets with wide potential and whose product demonstrates a competitive edge.

Our mentors have a proven track record of successfully starting and managing businesses that have achieved up to nine figures in revenue. We've mastered the same funding hurdles you'll encounter and we can help you do the same!

“My mentoring with Brad was awesome. Highly recommend. He does the thing that I think is an ability of all superb mentors, and that's making you realize that you're already entirely capable of achieving your goal, and the next step is to simply do the work. I believe the foundation of that ability is being a great listener. Thank you, Brad!”

Alex Wagner

Founder, Fear of Marketing

“The guidance and mentorship I have received from Austin has been fantastic. He has helped guide me and advise me in many ways that have helped me continue to grow my business and myself professionally. Since I am an early entrepreneur I have to rely on my mentors more than most, and I am glad to have him advising me to work through issues and find new ways to expand my business. I look forward to continuing my business journey with Austin as my mentor.”
Sean Johnson
Rice Veteran Business Battle Winner, Founder Amor Oral
“Brad’s business savvy, experience and high level of professionalism are invaluable to a tech startup looking to tailor their market messaging and fit for prospective Angels and investment funds. His advice and guidance have helped us keep on the right track to properly scale our business for tailored investment, ensuring our market success. We can’t thank him enough!”

Adam Zahler

Founder, Function to Form

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Stop worrying about your Fundraise So you Can Focus on Your Business.

Most tech company founders fail on their way to Series A funding because of poor decisions and lack of direction. We see startups make many common mistakes with disastrous results and we are here to help you avoid those. Seed Round Capital’s funding guidance provides expert support so startups can raise the money they need, enjoy their journeys, and see exponential growth. Read our startup founder's blog.

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Will Your Startup Be a Success?

After YEARS of helping hundreds of startups raise money, we've identified 10 key factors that are critical to startup success.

Things like identifying key metrics, getting predictable business results, having a clear differentiation, offering a unique value proposition and six more.

Complete the scorecard to see where your company is strong — and where your company can improve. Get the Startup Success Scorecardalong with startup tips — from founders who have been there.