Mentorship Important to Entrepreneurs

Why is Mentorship Important to Entrepreneurs?

Brad Jenkins Entrepreneurship, Mentorship

Starting a business is tough and it can feel like so many odds are stacked against you. Where can you find seed investors? And how can you manage the finances in a way that will help you use funds efficiently? Beyond that, what about other roadblocks you may face, such as dealing with a product that doesn’t sell? Sure, you …

The Time That Harvard Professor Was Right

Austin Hill Entrepreneurship

LinkedIn and my office wall both suggest that I possess an MBA. While I didn’t attend Harvard, one of the prestigious business schools like Booth, or Wharton – I did sit in my UT classroom and listen to academics instruct on business. I wasn’t as academically jaded as I am now, I had started my first “side hustle” business four …

what are the-ways to secure startup funding

What Are the Ways To Secure Startup Funding?

Brad Jenkins Funding

No matter how bright and exciting your startup idea may be, without a solid funding round, it will not see the light. This can be a party pooper especially for first-time entrepreneurs and kill the thrill that accompanies the early days of their startup journey. Securing funding allows entrepreneurs to develop product prototypes, get a foothold in the market, and …