STARTUP Resources

If you’re still working on product-market fit and not yet generating revenue, we recommend subscribing to our Startup Tips newsletter and these resources for now. Once you reach the requirement of paying customers and have a clear plan to $500k in revenues over the next 12 to 18 months, please apply for funding.

Here are a few resources to keep moving in the right direction:

Funding Resources

Consider raising your initial cash needs from friends and family, loans, etc. Once you have a few paying customers, apply with us.

Review "How to prepare to run a tight fundraising process."

Start networking now with other startups and go to events to meet angel investors.

Bootstrapping- self funding course.

Subscribe to a Stakeholder and Investor update service, like AngelSpan to speed your fundraising process.

So you want to do a startup, eh?

A slide presentation about what we founders go through to build a start-up.

Programs and Support Networks

Review SRC's fundraising support program options.

Pitch Deck Coaching
(Pitch Deck support)

Executive Strategy
(Growth and marketing)


If you're a tech business founder you may want to consider a co-founder/partner. This person is out there, you just need to keep looking, recruiting and selling your vision. Here are a couple links to find them:

Focus on Product Market Fit

Get some early beta customers. Ask them what they want and need in the product to adopt it into their workflow. See Lean Startup for more details. Monetizing your product ASAP is key. You need to prove you have something customers are willing to pay for.

Free online marketing courses.


Getting Real
The Lean Startup
The E-myth Revisited
The 1-Page Marketing Plan