How to Receive FUNDING and APPLY TO our Free pitch event

Please review our minimum investment criteria before applying for funding. Once you submit your application, we will meet with you to review it and discuss if there is a fit. Please prearrange a call with us using the calendar link provided at the completion of the below 3-minute application.

Minimum Investment Criteria:

  • A Product in Market: We like to see three months of revenue or user growth. (Pilots and prototypes require SRC approval.)
  • Current Traction: $5k+ in monthly recurring revenue, or +/-$100k in annual revenue, and 3+ paying customers. (Pre-revenue ideas require SRC approval.)
  • Our Typical Investment: $25k to $50k check size. (We often syndicate rounds with co-investors for check sizes of $100k to $150k.)
  • Current Round Size: $500k - $2.5M total. (We focus on pre-seed and seed round investments.)
  • Amount Committed: We prefer to see a minimum of 50% of your current round committed. (Having a lead investor is a plus.)
  • Pre-Money Valuation: $6M or less. (Above $6M requires demonstrated traction and growth.)
  • Prior Funding: Less than $750k in prior outside investment. 
  • Startup Categories: We focus on tech and tech-enabled businesses, and avoid highly regulated industries that have a long sales cycle or are capital intensive. (We target startups that are doing real engineering and are capital efficient. No MedTech or BioTech.)
  • Founder and Team: We like to see at least one full-time founder working in the business, with other full-time employees or contractors on the team. Two or more full-time founders is preferred. (We like teams.)
  • Growth Opportunity: We target business models that can scale to $100M+ in value.
  • Location: Although we are based in Houston, we work with startups throughout the USA and Canada. (We occasionally support startups in the EU that have a US C-Corp.)
  • *Monthly Stakeholder Updates: We love to see at least two to three monthly stakeholder updates before we invest. We like to see companies executing on their plan over time. (*Not required, but doing this moves you to the front of the line.)

If you are still working on product-market fit with no incoming revenue, then we recommend these other resources for now.


Startups receive:


  • An investment from Seed Round Capital
  • Monthly pitch events to our accredited co-investors
  • Pitch book and presentation coaching


  • Seasoned entrepreneurs provide mentoring
  • Access to business experts for troubleshooting
  • Individual attention rather than group learning


  • Monthly peer meetings with fellow founders
  • Customized training programs to optimize growth
  • Training on specially formulated business methods for running your company


  • Access to experts in sales/marketing, recruiting, HR, legal, finance and accounting
  • Quarterly Board of Advisors meeting
  • Access to events and resources from The Cannon

Apply in 3 minutes

Please review the above investment criteria before you apply. The below application contains 5 questions and only takes 3 minutes to complete. Click on the 3-Minute Application button below to begin.

Traits we look for when funding and mentoring startups:

  • Founder traits: coachable (open to constructive criticism), strong selling & recruiting skills, works well with team, self-starter
  • Market traits: large total addressable market, huge market need for your product with competitive barriers to entry
  • Product traits: product must solve an urgent and timely need: product has a significant competitive advantage over competing products
  • Scalability traits: your company is primed and ready to scale with an investment in sales & marketing
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